La Cruceta del Vigía / Cross Watchtower, Ponce, Puerto Rico.

In the 1800s under constant threat of corsair attacks, while under Spanish rule residents of the south built  a watch post on a hill, north of the city of Ponce. Originally a hut was built accompanied by a cross from  where flags were raised to signal the approach of ships as well as their port  of origin. This station was run by two brothers Ricardo and Alberto Lugo, they were honored with a  plague at the base of the cross in 1984.

In this way merchants were informed of the arrival of goods and military authorities were able to forewarn  of possible attacks on the city below. It is now a tourist attraction visible from anywhere in Ponce. The  view from within the cross-member, reachable by elevator is spectacular. The observation structure is atop a 300-foot hill, is 100 feet tall, and is 70 feet wide. It replaced an older  wooden structure in 1984.
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